Fox News Documentary - War Stories: Fighting ISIS


One Free World International has been working tirelessly to help rescue Yazidi girls held captive by ISIS as sex slaves. Rev. El Shafie sat down with Fox News' Oliver North to discuss OFWI's work for a special Fox News documentary.

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Tune in to Fox News 10pm ET Fri, Mar 25 to watch: WAR STORIES: FIGHTING ISIS Hosts: Oliver North and Leif Babin

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Fri, Mar 25 10pm, re-air 1am
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Sun, Mar 27 3pm, re-air 11pm

As Europe reels from the coordinated bombing attacks by terrorists in Belgium, the civilized world continues to face the real challenges of fighting Islamic extremism whether it be on a battlefield or hiding and festering in a family neighborhood.

Here in America, with investigations ongoing into ISIS in all 50 states, this new episode of “War Stories” goes deep inside the confrontation between moderate Muslims and the Islamic State’s extremist ideology. How is it really playing out on the battlefields in Iraqi Kurdistan?

In an exclusive, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford talks strategy with Oliver North. If boots are needed on the ground, whose feet will be in them? Are our allies doing enough in the fight against ISIS?

With former Navy SEAL Leif Babin, we drill down into the dark web and social media to see how ISIS is leading on the cyber battlefield and what more needs to be done to prevent recruitment of their supporters from around the world. Babin goes inside the ISIS inspired attacks in San Bernardino, California with new details about the trail of the husband and wife terrorists who killed 14 people and wounded 22 others.

Security matters when helping refugees


Our hearts are broken by what happened in Paris. At the same time, this savage event prompts us to reflect on what is happening at home and abroad. In Canada, that has meant a renewed attention to the flood of refugees fleeing Iraq & Syria. In order to help the genuine refugees who need our help, we must conduct the proper security screening to protect our own security.



Exclusive Interview with Prime Minister Stephen Harper


Watch One Free World International Founder and President Rev. Majed El Shafie interview Prime Minister Stephen Harper in this OFWI exclusive as they talk about the refugee crisis, ISIS, and promoting religious freedom around the world.

Be sure to check out One Free World International's YouTube Channel and subscribe to see future videos.

Come to 'Candle on the Catwalk' on August 28


With ISIS constantly in the news, what can someone living in the GTA do to help?

Come to Candle on the Catwalk this Friday, August 28 and support children in Iraq displaced by ISIS.

Rev. El Shafie speaks with Yazidi refugee family that escaped from Mount Sinjar (5 family members missing)Women's World Development Group, a Branch of Minority Assist Foundation and Support Centre and One Free World International are teaming up with Mississauga based lingerie and swimwear label Sensuelle Et Chic for a charity fashion show this Friday night at the L’Azzurra Ballroom in Woodbridge.

Attendees will hear accounts of the hardships displaced women and children in Iraq are facing and proceeds will help provide them with the basic necessities of life while the fight against ISIS rages on.

When: 7-10pm, Aug 28

Where: L'Azzura Ballroom - 80 Regina Rd, Woodbridge, ON, Canada

You can get your $40 ticket from the Women's World Development Group by clicking here.

TheRebel.Media sits down with Rev. Majed El Shafie


Earlier this year OFWI Founder & President Rev. Majed El Shafie sat down with to discuss what is happening on the ground in Iraq and share more about the work OFWI is doing to rescue Yazidi sex slaves from ISIS. Watch it here: