Our work ranges from conducting daring rescue missions, building bridges between communities, advocating for persecuted minorities to governments around the world, and raising awareness about those who are persecuted for their beliefs through media, events, and online. 

Our Mission

Everything OFWI does is to stand up for those who are persecuted as a result of their faith and increase awareness of the plight of those who are forced to endure hardship for their beliefs. Based in Toronto, Canada, OFWI promotes and protects the rights of religious minorities around the world while building tolerance and understanding for diverse religious beliefs.

OFWI believes that, along with the right to life, religious freedom and freedom of conscience are the first and most fundamental of human rights. The ability to believe (or to choose not to believe) in something beyond our material existence, in accordance with our individual conscience, and to manifest that belief in practices and observances is one of the most essential distinguishing characteristics of the human race.

OFWI is a not-for-profit organization.  Our work is wholly supported through the voluntary donations of our friends, members, and supporters. These donations are not tax deductible because we choose to pursue the dream free of the legal restrictions placed on charities.

You can kill the believer, but not the belief of our hearts. You can kill the dreamer, but you cannot kill our dream.
— Rev. Majed El Shafie, President & Founder, OFWI

One Free World International has been working tirelessly to help rescue Yazidi girls held captive by ISIS as sex slaves. Watch this Fox News Documentary clip to learn more.