We Need Your Help


3 Things You Can Do To Help Syrian Refugees

With all the coverage Syrian refugees has been receiving in the news, and deservedly so, you may not know where to turn to offer help. Hundreds of Syrian refugees will be arriving in Toronto in the coming days and we need your help!

Here are 3 things you can do to help:

  1. Donate a household item on the list below.
  2. Volunteer to help coordinate the effort.
  3. Support OFWI's Fundraising Campaign to help save lives in Iraq and Syria.

Donate an item on the list below:

If you live in the GTA, we are desperately looking for the following donated materials:

Drop-off and Pickup Times1. Beds 2. Mattresses & bed frames 3. Tables, chairs, sofas 4. Small kitchen appliances 5. Cooking utensils 6. Bath materials 7. Flatware 8. TTC tokens or Metropass 9. Clothes & boots (washed) 10. TVs 11. Any other household materials

Volunteer to help coordinate the effort:

Volunteers are also needed to help during the drop-off and pickup times listed above. If you can volunteer, please send us an email to let me know when.

Support OFWI's Fundraising Campaign to help save lives in Iraq and Syria.

If you do not have these items or live outside the GTA you can still help. Please make a donation to OFWI's Generosity seasonal appeal campaign. Funds raised will go to those who remain in Iraq & Syria and desperately need our help.

Thank you for contributing what you can. Please join us in helping those who need it most this Christmas.

One Free World is proud to be leading a team of partners to help with this important effort:

Syrian Refugees Partners