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Canadian Human Rights Groups Call for Truth & Accountability Dialogue with Chinese Ambassador

Canadian Human Rights Groups Call for Truth & Accountability Dialogue with Chinese Ambassador

A coalition of Canadian human rights groups led by One Free World International (OFWI) are calling for Chinese Ambassador Lu Shaye to begin a truth and accountability dialogue with Canadians to address human rights concerns. The coalition chose Human Rights Day to reflect on the ongoing systematic persecution of religious minorities and political dissidents in defiance of international law. The coalition also requests a meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau to explore opportunities for Canada to be more impactful in advancing the cause of human rights in China.

One Free World International dismayed by Justin Trudeau’s soft stance on ISIS

LogoFor immediate release: June 25, 2015 TORONTOOne Free World International President and Founder Majed El Shafie released the following statement in response to Justin Trudeau seeking to weaken Canada’s commitment to fight ISIS while cozying up to Iran:

“On the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terror, Justin Trudeau chose to announce he would soften Canada’s commitment to fighting ISIS while extending a hand to Iran, one of the world’s most murderous regimes.”

“Pulling Canadian troops from the fight against ISIS to focus on humanitarian aide is naïve and will make the world a more dangerous place. If Justin Trudeau’s only focus is on humanitarians assistance, he will be dropping aid on dead people.”

“Without the military support of Canada and its allies, the Kurdish forces’ ability to fight ISIS advances would be weakened and would lead to further and certain deaths for Iraq’s Christian, Kurdish and Yazidis communities.”

“ISIS has repeatedly stated they are targeting Canada and Canadians. Failure to fight ISIS where they are today will not only leave a path of destruction in the Middle East, but increase the threat and risk on Canadian soil.”

“To back away and run from this important fight would be dangerous and wrong.”

“The Iranian regime’s horrible record of human rights abuses against Baha’i, Jews, Christians, LGBT people, political prisoners, and other minorities should not be rewarded with rapprochement.”

“Increased engagement of the Iranian regime only emboldens radical clerics to continue their tyrannical way of governing as they grow increasingly desperate for relief from the crippling economic sanctions.”

“Justin Trudeau needs to do more homework and should meet with the diaspora communities here in Canada to better understand how wrong and dangerous his proposals are.”

One Free World International (OFWI) is an international human rights organization based in Toronto, Canada, that focuses on the rights of religious minorities around the world and promotes tolerance, understanding and respect for diverse religious beliefs.