The Companion - RIP Jack


By Rev. Majed El Shafie

As I bury Jack today, he takes a part of my heart and soul with him. Usually, OFWI’s alerts are about the work that we are doing or the goals we plan to accomplish; but today I’d like to share with you the life of Jack.

17 years ago, I had met him while I was a refugee in Israel; at the time he belonged to an abusive owner and had faced his own share of neglect and hardship. When I got the opportunity to adopt him, he became an instant source of infinite love, kindness, and companionship. When it came time for me to move to Canada, we faced the prospect of Jack not leaving with me because of UN rules; fortunately the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem stepped in and sponsored Jack to move to Canada with me.  Since Jack and I met, we have faced life together and he has been my family.

As I navigated through life as a refugee, moved to a country completely foreign to me, and began our organization One Free World International, Jack became a source of strength that kept me going even in the toughest of times. In the middle of countless nights, I would wake from panic filled nightmares of my past to find Jack licking my face and giving me all his love, protecting me. At times when I felt lonely and stranded, Jack sensed my pain and gave me the care and companionship I needed. His soul was pure and gave infinitely, he loved everybody (even cats), and he was the nicest, sweetest dog you could have ever met. As our One Free World International family grew, Jack touched many lives. He had an incredible ability to sense someone’s pain and he knew how to calm them. Jack was a constant source of all the peace and love anyone could ever need.

17 years ago I met Jack and the story would go that I rescued him but that is a misconception; the truth is that Jack rescued me. Without him and God by my side I could not have gotten far in life.  He made me stronger and happier, and I can’t imagine what life would have been without his friendship.

Rest in Peace Jack. Until we meet again, thank you for adopting me.