OFWI Testifies at Canadian House of Commons Immigration Committee


Resettling Syrian Refugees in Canada

OFWI President and Founder Majed El Shafie testified in Ottawa calling on Canada to do more to help the most vulnerable minorities who are victims of the war in Iraq and Syria.

IMG_0044Testifying before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, Rev. El Shafie presented OFWI's report Resettling Syrian Refugees in Canada and petition with 800 signatures calling on the Canadian government to do more.

5 recommendations were made:

  1. Solve the underlying problem as the source of the refugee crisis
  2. Create Green Zones: safe and secure zones near their home
  3. Greater involvement from countries in the region to resettle refugees
  4. Prioritize the most vulnerable: minorities who often cannot access mainstream refugee supports and appropriate security screening for those welcomed to Canada.
  5. Ensure the proper community supports are in place to ensure integration of refugees who come to Canada into Canadian society.

Read OFWI's Report: Resettling Syrian Refugees in Canada