OFWI calls for murder of Yazidi sex slaves to be investigated


OFWI sources report of Yazidi massacre in Iraq

Iraq Rubble

During the early-January offensive to drive ISIS out of Anbar province and reclaim the territory under Iraqi sovereignty, whistleblowers have reported Shia militias indiscriminately killed Yazidis and Sunni civilians who remained behind after ISIS forces had fled. One such report included the killing of 55 Yazidi girls in one compound who were being used by ISIS as sex slaves. Based on our sources it is estimated that hundreds were killed in this manner.

One Free World International and Yezidi Human Rights Organization International have written to Iraq's Ambassador in Canada calling for an investigation, demanding those accountable be brought to justice, and taking the necessary steps to prevent further atrocities from being repeated as the Iraqi armed forces continue their campaign with international partners to defeat ISIS.

TAKE ACTION: Write the Iraqi Ambassador to Canada echoing our demands: info@iqemb.ca

Read: OFWI Letter: 2016-02-08 Letter to Iraqi Ambassador

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