Majed El Shafie's Speech on the 17th Anniversary of the Persecution of Falun Gong


taiwan-zhongli-0117 years ago, the persecution started for the Falun Gong. 17 years ago, your government showed that it can finish the Falun gong. It can end them, it can kill them, it can persecute them, it can collect their organs and get away with it. And once and for all, history will forget the Falun Gong, will forget the teaching and will forget their beliefs.

That happened 17 years ago. 17 years later, they are wrong. 17 years later, you can’t stop their beliefs, you can’t stop their community. 17 years later, they are not less, they are more. 17 years later they are not just inside of China, they are also outside of China. 17 years later, a government is hiding behind these walls. We are not the ones in prison, you are the ones in prison because we are the ones who are free.

Behind your blinded windows, you can take our pictures, behind your blinded walls you can take our pictures and you can send it to Beijing but I can tell you for a fact we’re not scared.
None of us are hiding our faces, none of us hiding behind a tree. We are here and we will be here until the end, because it doesn’t matter how many weapons you have. It doesn’t matter how much army you have. We have our free will, freedom is bulletproof.

You can kill as much of us, you can harvest organs from all of us but our heart will keep beating with the truth. You can kill our bodies but you cannot touch our souls. It’s not only about your government, it’s not only about your Communist regime, it’s about us as Canadians, it’s about Falun Gong.

I will fight for the Falun Gong community; I will fight for the Falun Gong beliefs until the last day of my life because if we stop fighting for each other, we lose our humanity. It’s not only about you, it’s also about our Canadian government. It’s also about the West, it’s also about the American government. We have to know that the almighty power is not more powerful than our values and our belief in human rights. Canada and Canadians have to stand strong and firm against the Chinese government and for human rights. 

It was a shameful moment, the day that I saw my Canadian foreign affair minister standing in a press conference beside the Chinese foreign affair minister, and the Chinese foreign affair minister attacked a Canadian journalist when they asked a question about human rights. And yet the minister is defending him, and doesn't respond back and doesn't protect his own Canadian journalist on Canadian soil. I can tell you, you can silence our government, you can silence our foreign affairs minister, you can take Trudeau to China, you can make a national deal, but you will never silence the people of Canada. 

So in the end, I want to tell you that 17 years from now, this meeting will not be here. 17 years from now, and maybe even earlier, this meeting will happen in Beijing, will happen in your capital, count on it. Thank you.