Help us stop the bad Iranian Nuclear Deal


Say no to the flawed Iranian Nuclear Deal Dear One Free World International Supporters,

We need your help.

In the coming days I will be leading a One Free World International delegation to Washington, D.C. to press the U.S. Congress to use all means available to stop this Iranian nuclear deal.

This deal leaves the Iranian people to languish under the theocratic regime and emboldens support for terrorist activity in the region. President Obama continues to push for the deal's adoption and only the U.S. Congress has the power to stop it. I am writing to ask for your support to help cover the costs of the delegation, estimated to be between US$20,000-$25,000, to travel to D.C. and make this urgent appeal.

This nuclear deal makes no mention of human rights, provides zero incentives for the Iranian regime change, and provides $150 billion in sanctions relief that will fund the regime's activity and its terrorist network around the world.

Our delegation will be a voice for the voiceless and include leaders from minority communities, including former prisoners who have suffered torture and persecution at the hands of the theocratic Iranian regime. This important trip will speak up for those who are denied their human rights:

  • Bahá’í’s who are not recognized and cannot legally attend school without denying their faith.
  • Converts to Christianity who are jailed, tortured, and executed.
  • Jews who are imprisoned and accused of spying for Israel.
  • Men and women who are stoned to death in public if they are found guilty of homosexual activity or adultery.
  • Young men and women who attempt to demonstrate in the streets on behalf of democracy are arrested and imprisoned, briefly or indefinitely, or simply shot in the street, leaving the Green Revolution of 2009 a footnote in history.

In the days ahead I will have more to share about this important effort as we bring the voices of the voiceless to the halls of power in Washington, D.C. Please continue to pray that the U.S. Congress will oppose this deal and show the world the United States still stands for basic, universal values that are worth fighting for.

Please donate what you can today.

Sincerely, Rev. Majed El Shafie Founder and President, One Free World International