Condemn violence wherever it occurs


standwithjewishcdns_banner On Sunday night a shooter entered a mosque in Quebec City and brazenly killed six men praying and injuring several others. One Free World International condemns this attack. Violence and hatred have no place in Canada.

As an international human rights organization, we are sadly all too familiar with the plight of religious minorities around the world. The pain we feel when Christian churches in the Middle East and Africa are violently attacked allows us to sympathize with the wives and children whose fathers and husbands were killed in Sunday's attack. Our condolences go out to them in this time of grief.

Our values of openness and respect for the dignity of each human being cannot be comprised. Hatred for others cannot be tolerated. We cannot accept or excuse an attack on a mosque in Canada.

We have welcomed people from around the world for generations and this strength of Canadian society. We must continue to have confidence in the Canadian people to defend and protect our values. Just as we have spoken up for Christians at home and around the world and combat anti-Semitism, we will speak out against those who perpetrate hate against our Muslim brothers.

Please say a prayer for those who lost loved ones in this attack on a place of worship. And join us in continuing to fight for justice and human rights around the world.

Sincerely, Rev. Majed El Shafie President & Founder One Free World International

Watch this CTV News report from inside the Quebec City mosque: