Canadian Government failing genocide victims


speakoutDear friends, We need your help to speak up for Yazidi genocide victims.

Today we learned the Government of Canada's plan to help Yazidi genocide victims is to resettle 50 people to Canada. This failure of leadership is unacceptable.

OFWI has helped rescue over 400 women and girls from ISIS ' slavery over the past two years and the government can do more.

We have been to the refugee camps in Northern Iraq and the need for action to help these people, victims of genocide, by offering new hope of life in Canada is a call our govenrment needs to answer.

Read the OFWI-ORAT Proposal to resettle Yazidi women and girls

The Leader of Opposition Rona Ambrose in the House of Commons called the government’s plan “a token effort.”

Germany was able to rescue 1,000 Yazidi genocide victims, and Canada was able to rescue 25,000 Syrian civil war victims, surely we can do more for the Yazidi women and girls once held captive as ISIS sex slaves and their families.

OFWI is ready to do more, but we need your help to pressure the government to do more.

Here is how you can TAKE ACTION:

  • Write an email or call your local Member of Parliament to tell them Canada can do more for Yazidi victims of genocide. Don’t know who to contact? Find out here.
  • Email or call the Minister of Immigration, John McCallum at 613-954-1064

Thank you for your support and spreading awareness of these important issues. We couldn't do our work with you.

Sincerely, Rev. Majed El Shafie President & Founder One Free World International