Canada Announces New Support for Persecuted Religious Minorities



I am writing to share some great news from the Canadian government. 

I was hounoured and proud today to join Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as he announced:

  • An increase in financial support of persecuted religious minorities.
  • Canada will welcome an additional 10,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria.

The $9 million of funding for this program will go to the Office of Religious Freedom's "Religious Freedom Fund" to protect places of worship and the retention of religious artifacts that are under threat of destruction by ISIS. These two announcements are in addition to the efforts of Canada, the United States, and their allies to fight ISIS and the evil they seek to spread. Although we are grateful, this is not enough and more must be done.

Having visited the front lines of the war against ISIS multiple times this year, I can tell you this help is needed more than ever. The world is confronting an evil it has not witnessed in generations. The stories of rape, torture, and other abuse that continue to be told by those who have managed to escape ISIS are harrowing. One of the most disturbing aspects of the situation is that thousands of Christian and Yazidi girls are still in captivity where ISIS is using them as slaves.

OFWI is involved directly or indirectly in rescue missions to save these girls. Unfortunately, due to the on-going nature of these operations we cannot provide further details but we do need your continued help in this area.

With all the darkness we see in the world today, we can be proud of Prime Minister Harper as he continues to be a shining light of leadership in helping those who need it most. It's important to ask the U.S. government to increase its commitment in fighting ISIS. One Free World International will continue its important work and be a voice for the voiceless.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Please donate what you can at this crucial time to help those who need it most.


Rev. Majed El Shafie

Founder & President, One Free World International


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Thanks for your support of the One Free World International and our work!  

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