ACTION ALERT: Free jailed democracy activists in Thailand

OFWI partners have contact us and need our help. Thai authorities have detained several Chinese democracy activists under UN protection in Thailand.

Jiang YefeiOn October 28 Mr. Yefei Jiang and his wife Ms. Shuling Chu were arrested by Thai immigration authorities and are being held. Yefei Jiang is the Chairperson of the Federation for a Democratic China (Thailand Division) who recently published a series of cartoons critical of China's president Jinping Xi.

Also detained are Mr. Guangping Dong, Ms Shuhua Gu and their daughter Xuerui Dong. Mr. Dong was student activist involved in the Chinese democracy movement and took part in the Tiananmen Square protests. He held a ceremony in memory of the June 4 movement last year where Chinese authorities arrested him. He managed to escape to Thailand.

All of these individuals detained by the Thai authorities on October 28 are presently under the protection of the UN Refugee Agency.

We must act now to pressure Thai authorities to respect their international obligations owed to refugees.


  • Write the Thai Ambassador demanding they immediately release Yefei Jian, Shuling Chu, Guangping Dong, Shuhua Gu, and Xuerui Dong. The Thai government must respect its international human rights obligations.
  • Write the Chinese Ambassador and demand they respect the human rights of all people and stop harassing Chinese citizens in foreign countries.
  • Pray for the release and safety Yefei Jian, Shuling Chu, Guangping Dong, Shuhua Gu, and Xuerui Dong.
  • Share this message with your family and friends and post to social media so we can raise pressure on Thai authorities before it's too late and they deport these UN protected individuals back to China.

One Free World International will remain in close contact with our partners on the ground in Thailand and update you when we have news. We must do all that we can to bring attention to their case and pressure the Thai authorities to do what is right and release these UN refugee agency protected individuals.

Contact Thai & Chinese Ambassadors in your country:


H.E Vijavat Isarabhakdi

Ambassador of Thailand to Canada

H.E. Luo Zhaohui

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Canada


United States of America

H.E. Pisan Manawapat

Ambassador of Thailand to the United States of America 

H.E. Cui Tiankai

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United States of America